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Felix Remote

How it all began

The passion for E-foiling got me once I first saw one flying around from a riverbank. At the age of 17 years, I built my first DIY E-foil, but I never found a good solution for controlling it, until now. Then I started the development of the now known FelixRemote. 

The App

Noel joined team FeRo in 2021 and brought new possibilities to this product. With great knowledge and experience, an app has been created that fully unlocks the power of the FelixRemote. Through the help of Bluetooth, the remote became fully update - and expandable.

The Goal

After one and a half years of hard research and development, my expectations were finally met. A fully waterproof remote control with the capability of logging data and wireless software updates, which will improve your remote continuously. FeRo will be your data collector, so you can improve your E-Foil, E-Surf and E-Longboard. The goal is to achieve a user-friendly system that can easily be implemented into your project and provides you with all the information needed, to enjoy your ride.

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